Alcohol Dependence Specialist

Alcohol Dependence services offered in Green Brook, NJ

Alcohol dependence impacts your relationships, work, and health. At Anchor Care in Green Brook, New Jersey, Adetutu Ogunmefun, DNP, provides therapeutic solutions to support you as you recover from alcohol dependence. If you or a loved one needs assistance in overcoming problems with alcohol, call today or use this website to book an appointment.

When do I need alcohol dependence help?

Alcohol dependence is an overuse or misuse of alcohol (with a desire for alcohol that takes precedence over work, school, and relationships). It’s also characterized by alcohol-seeking behaviors and the need to drink to function. You seek out places or situations where you can drink instead of visiting places or participating in other activities you once enjoyed. 

Your tolerance of alcohol increases over time, requiring you to drink more to maintain the same level of results. However, between drinking episodes, you may get sick after. 

You need help if you develop physical cravings and compulsions for drinking. When you aren’t able to consume alcohol, it can result in significant withdrawal symptoms. If your family, friends, and coworkers also express concern, it may be time to seek professional help. 

What withdrawal symptoms are common with alcohol dependence?

Alcohol dependence often results in withdrawal symptoms if you’re unable to drink. These symptoms include:

  • Mood swings
  • Tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Hallucinations

Some people even experience seizures in the hours after having their last drink.

These withdrawal symptoms make it difficult to quit drinking on your own. If you try to stop, you may go back to drinking to prevent tremors, hangovers, and other symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Therefore, it’s important to have professional help to guide you through rehabilitation. 

How do you treat alcohol dependence?

Alcohol dependence requires a multi-faceted approach. Dr. Ogunmefun works closely with you to design the right treatment plan. Treatments may include:

Behavioral interventions

Behavioral treatments involve counseling to help you change your drinking behavior and understand how your actions impact those around you.


Dr. Ogunmefun may recommend medications that can help stop your drinking and prevent relapses (usually prescribed with counseling). 

Mutual-Support Groups

She may also recommend specific peer groups to help support you as you cut back on your drinking. These provide accountability and strategies to keep you from returning to alcohol. 

If you or a loved one needs assistance in overcoming problems with alcohol, call the Anchor Care office in Green Brook, New Jersey, or use this website to book an appointment today.