I am not just alive & well, that is an understatement by far!! I am living the life that has not been available or achieved for most of, if not all of my adult life!! Words can’t explain nor express my gratitude and the reality of my life at this moment!!!! I am drug free for over two years!!!!!! Dr OGUNMEFUN professionalism care & dedication truly shows in how I got to where I am now !!!! Thank you

Paul C. | Oct 04, 2023

In all honesty I cannot say that I have ever had a physician - regardless of which practice - ever take the time to literally 'have the time' like Dr. O. has. To say that I am grateful for having her as my clinician is a severe understatement. My quality of life has only improved since I began seeing her. Before she was my doctor, I was being treated by only other one other doctor in her field who did a wonderful job in assisting me through a difficult period of my life. I did not think that any type of better help existed and then I was lucky enough to have booked an appointment with her via a health app known as ZocDoc, where you get to review physicians that are under your insurance network. Dr. O listens attentively and ask's the right questions; she is very interested in legitimately getting to know YOU as a person. I feel this helps a great deal in having a proper or potential diagnosis as you are not just being stuffed on a list of people that someone has appointments with as Dr. O as your physician. This is incredible because it is not only rare but a very respectful attribute to have as a doctor. Some have this, some do not. Dr. O does. She actually cares. Aside from me acknowledging my own personal attachment to being her patient, my quality of life has dramatically changed for the better under her care. This is beyond dispute. I hope that anybody who may find it that they are experiencing mental health difficulties, and would really like to improve, then see Dr. O. My first appointment with her was while I was driving my vehicle around my local hospital in literal circles trying to make myself feel 'safer', with horrowing anxiety. I did this often as driving on the road made the anxiety subside as I was less focused on it. Here we are a year and change later, and while many other aspects of my life need work, the anxiety I was used to experiencing has diminished significantly. I can positively say that much of it is due in part by having Dr. O. by my side. She is judgement free, understanding, and I can say from personal experience, she is never to busy to listen to what it is that may be something you are going through. Thank you Dr. O, big hug from me!

Victor L. | Jun 05, 2023

Adetutu is a wonderful caring Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, would highly recommend her services. She always makes it a point to ask me how I'm doing in my everyday life and keeps our sessions professional!

REBECCA H. | Dec 01, 2022

She is awesome. Very thorough and professional. Highly recommend

CHRISTOPHER P. | Nov 21, 2022